Bhagavad Gita Chap 2.12

ashOchyAn anvashOchastvam prajnyAAvAdAmscha bhAshase

gatAsUnschagatAsUnscha nAnushOchanti panditAh|

No one should be sad because of someone dying.

Krishna was born 6 months before Arjuna. He said, “There is no question that I was existing even before the 70 years and 6 months from the present. You also existed before the 70 years since you were born.

Think of the point before birth? Think about what happens after death?

We do not know about the above two.

We only know the present time. We do not know from where we came and where are going to?

If one knows about it well and truely then they will never feel overwhelmed with grief.

Krishna say ,”Take me for example whom you know that I am above death. You know that I am above death. Understand that I am above death.”

Not just me, but you too and all the princes,kings gathered here.

Since this is a concept of timelessness, it is difficult to understand and is not in the grasp of our conscious mind or experience. Maybe in the fringes of experiences one does experience a taste of the timeless state.For example : life after life, near death experience, the experience of rebirth in which past birth is vividly remembered.

nityo nityonaam chetanashchetanaanaam.He is the nitya for all nityas and the chetana for all chetanas, The difference about the nityatva of Krishna and chetana shakti of Hari is told in this shruthi vaakya. The nityatva of PAramatma is different from others but the one fact remains that there are many nityas and He is the controller of all these nityas.

Most people find it difficult to understand the concept of timelessness for the soul. The soul is eternal but takes on different forms  which are temporary.

But there is one Supreme who does not have this transmigration, who controls all the others.

ajasya naabhou …. Shruthi says ,” He who has no birth gave birth to the lotus, …

puram ekaadasha dwaaram ajasyaavagrachetasah

The unborn Supreme is the master of this deha and He makes the jiva to reside in the body and then pulls it out , whenever He decides the time is up.

The soul who resides in the body is not the owner of the body and resides in it only till the unborn eternal Supreme decides so. Every birth and death makes sense in view of this, the unborn Supreme controller who is pure existence.

The life does not make any sense if there is no question of one Supreme entity who is the owner of all this and is the most compassionate one who never is born into any deha but is always independently existing on its won always.

This verse also declares that time is not bounded. It is infinite. Jivas exist at all times. The concept of infinite brahmandas and infinite jivas who are all controlled by this one aja who never is born or is never under the control of anyone.

Shri Purandara dasara gadya says,”anantakOTi brahmAnda naayaka”

From this it becomes clear that Bharathiya Vaidika tatva shastra has the opinion that jivas are not created at all. They exist eternally.

The creation process is always continuously there. It will continue always and there is no end to it just as there is no beginning.

This verse also clearly points to the plurality of the souls and the uniqueness of God as One Supreme being. Madhwa siddhaanta’s postulates of one Supreme being, many dependent souls is seen in the gita verse.

Bhagavantha does not create the jiva but He makes it bloom and flower. Whatever the ability of the soul, that is nourished and nurtured by Hari even as a gardener sows a seed and enables its growth by ensuring a suitable environment.

tOTiganu bhUmiyoLu bIjavayoLu bIjava

nATabEkeMdenuta hitadali

mOTeyiM nIretti sasigaLa saMtaisuvaMte

pATu baDadale jagadi jIvara

ghOTakAsyanu sR^ijisi yOgyate

dATagoDadale saluhutippanu saRvakAladali….HKAS_16-12

Sri Jagannatha dasaru proclaims,”The jiva is like a seed sown by a gardener. Just as the gardener just waters and provides an environment to the seed. Yet the seeds grow into different plants bearing sweet, sour or bitter fruits. The water, mud,sun and everything have been consistently the sa,e. He did not pour sweet water into the mango seed neither didi he feed the bittergourd plant with bitter water. The essene of the seed contributes to the fruits it bears.



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