This is an attempt to study the Bhagavad geeta along with my study group through the grace of my guru Shri Bannanje Govindacharyaru. He has lit up the verses of the geeta so that they throw light into the situations of that time, of the phscological aspects that apply even today and finally the esoteric and spiritual aspect of each and every word of the geeta. We may not be able to do complete justice to any of the shlokas or words in the geeta . It is sincere attempt . Along with me my group members Padmashini, Jayatheertha, Krittika, Vandana, Prasad,Kamala ,Shantha,Pallavi and Saraswathi are participants in this journey of discovery.

Our aim is to hand over the reins to Parthasarathy and become spectators to His will at all times. We have no idea how long this is going to take to accomplish but as per His own message Krishna has assured that one who undetakes this journey is sure to be protected from harm . It’s not just that newer avenues to learn, discover and experience open up to such a traveller.